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Browse Oyatsu Cafe's range of Japanese food, snacks, drinks and pop-culture merchandise. Explore Japan and get one of our monthly boxes, or check out our one-off speciality boxes. Free Shipping Worldwide!

Monthly Boxes

Our monthly crates ship out at the start of each month. You can buy a subscription or just one delivery.


Premium Oyatsu Box

Explore Japan. Get premium Japanese Snacks, Candies and Capsule Toys delivered to your door!

Free Worldwide Shipping. $25 per month

Dagashi Box

Premium Oyatsu Box

Get cool Dagashi candies, mini-snacks and DIY Candy Kits delivered to your door every month.

Free Worldwide Shipping. $14 per month.

Speciality Boxes

Our speciality boxes are one-time deliveries. Boxes ship within 48 hours from Japan and will take 2-4 weeks to arrive in most countries.

These are limited edition and only available while stock lasts.

Okinawan Snack Pack

DIY Candy Pack

Explore the world of Japanese DIY Candy! 6 different styles included.

$25.00 - Free Shipping

Okinawan Snack Pack

Hi-Chew Pack

8 Different flavors of Japan's most famous candy. Pineapple, Mikan, Cola, Ramune and more!

$14.00 - Free Shipping

Kit-Kat Pack

Kit-Kat Pack

5 Special edition Kit-Kat flavors found only in Japan.

36 individual bars and one bag of Kit-Kat bites.

$25.00 - Free Shipping

Pocky Pack

Pocky Pack

Treat yourself to a collection of the newest Pocky flavors and a box of limited edition Gudetama Pudding pieces.

Premium Almond, Pocky "Squeeze" and other flavors you can only find in Japan.

$25.00 - Free Shipping

Okinawan Snack Pack

Japanese Classics Pack

The top selling snacks of the past 5 decades. Candy, Chips, Chocolate, Dagashi & More.

19 Items & bonus Gachapon.

$30.00 - Free Shipping

Welcome to the Oyatsu Cafe's UK Store! Browse Oyatsu Cafe's range of Japanese food, snacks, drinks and pop-culture merchandise. We ship worldwide at low costs and no registration is needed to order. Pay with credit/debit card or PayPal.

Delivery to the UK in just 2 or 3 days with Royal Mail. You can choose 1st or 2nd class post on checkout.

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